What endorsements does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

As a world-renowned football player, Cristiano Ronaldo has not only made a name for himself on the field but also in the world of endorsements. With his incredible talent, charisma, and global appeal, Ronaldo has secured several lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career. In this article, we will explore the various endorsements that Cristiano Ronaldo has had, showcasing the diverse range of brands he has been associated with.

1. Nike – The Long-standing Partnership

One of the most prominent and enduring endorsement deals that Cristiano Ronaldo has is with Nike. The partnership between Ronaldo and Nike began in 2003, even before he rose to global fame. The collaboration has been immensely successful, with Nike leveraging Ronaldo’s popularity to promote their brand and products. Ronaldo has been featured in numerous Nike campaigns, including the iconic “Write the Future” commercial for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This long-standing partnership has not only been financially rewarding for Ronaldo but has also contributed to his image as a global sporting icon.

2. Armani – The Fashion Connection

In addition to his association with sports brands, Cristiano Ronaldo has also ventured into the world of fashion endorsements. One notable collaboration in this space is with the renowned Italian fashion house, Armani. Ronaldo became the face of Armani’s underwear and jeans line in 2010, showcasing his chiseled physique and style. The partnership with Armani allowed Ronaldo to expand his brand beyond the realm of sports, establishing him as a fashion icon as well.

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3. Tag Heuer – The Timeless Appeal

Another luxury brand that Cristiano Ronaldo has been associated with is Tag Heuer, a Swiss watchmaker known for its precision and elegance. Ronaldo became a brand ambassador for Tag Heuer in 2014, representing their timepieces worldwide. This endorsement not only highlights Ronaldo’s affinity for luxury but also aligns with his commitment to excellence and precision on and off the field. The partnership with Tag Heuer further solidifies Ronaldo’s status as a global influencer with a discerning taste for quality and style.

4. Herbalife – The Health and Wellness Connection

Cristiano Ronaldo’s dedication to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle has also attracted endorsements from health and wellness brands. One such brand is Herbalife, a global nutrition company that focuses on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Ronaldo has been a brand ambassador for Herbalife since 2013, advocating for their products and emphasizing the importance of nutrition for athletic performance. This endorsement aligns with Ronaldo’s values and allows him to inspire others to prioritize their health and well-being.

5. Other Noteworthy Endorsements

Beyond the aforementioned endorsements, Cristiano Ronaldo has also had partnerships with a variety of other brands, showcasing his versatility and appeal across different industries. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Italian Independent: Ronaldo collaborated with this Italian eyewear brand, bringing his unique sense of style to their collection.
  • Clear: Ronaldo became the face of Clear shampoo, highlighting his commitment to personal grooming and care.
  • PokerStars: Ronaldo’s association with PokerStars showcased his competitive nature and love for strategic thinking beyond the football field.
  • Castrol: Ronaldo’s partnership with Castrol, a leading lubricant brand, emphasized his commitment to performance and efficiency.
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These endorsements demonstrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability to transcend the world of football and establish himself as a global brand. Through strategic collaborations with various brands, Ronaldo has successfully diversified his portfolio and expanded his influence beyond the sports arena.


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo’s endorsements span across multiple industries, including sports, fashion, luxury, health, and more. From his long-standing partnership with Nike to his association with brands like Armani, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, and others, Ronaldo has strategically aligned himself with brands that resonate with his personal values and enhance his global image. These endorsements not only provide financial benefits but also contribute to Ronaldo’s legacy as a multifaceted icon both on and off the field.

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